Colour Green

Project Code - MML4X7

Capture 20 amazing photos highlighting colour green in a variety of ways. The photos can include anything from our day to day life like fruits, cars, dresses etc and are totally left to photographers imagination.

Assigned To

Saurabh Patwardhan

This project is assigned to the above photographer.


This is a global project and people from all around the world can send thier applications for this project.
Submission Deadline

15 Sep 2018

This is the final date for submission for the application for this project.
Start Date

17 Sep 2018

This is the day when the final applicant can start working on the project.
End Date

27 Sep 2018

The project final submission has to be submitted by this date. If not then, the payment will be reduced as follows.
On or Before End Date Full Payment
End Date + 2 Days 25% Deducted
End Date + 5 Days 50% Deducted
After 7 days of End Date No Payment


After receiving all the applications, our team will go through the WPC profiles of all the applicants and choose the best photographer according to their work(including photos, blogs, videos, portfolios, photo essays etc.) relavant to the project.

  • Please upload photographs to your profile related to the project you apply for to increase your chances to getting the project
  • The uploaded photos cannot be used in project submission
  • You Get
    As a Premium User

    Rs.1000 or $.15

    The money will only be transferred upon successful and satisfactory completion and feature of the project on WPC. After submission, the project report will be analyzed by our editors for various criterions including but not limited to originality, work effort, technical details, writing ability.
  • The originality of work is very important. Before you submit your final submission please make sure to check your write-up for plagiarism. Only up to 10% plagiarised files will be allowed.
  • All photos and videos submitted in the final submission must be your own. Before featuring, all the content will be checked for copyright violations, and would be rejected if any copied material is found.
  • Payment

    Via Direct Bank Transfer

  • After successful submission of the project, will contact the photographer to ask for their bank details.
  • The money is transferred twice a month. If your submission date is from 1st-15th of a month the payment will be processed at the end of the same month and in case the submission date is from 16th-31st the payment is processed at around 15th of the next month.
  • Requirement


    This project requires you to submit at least 10 high-quality photos on the theme of the project. These photos would be used for a blog, playlist ot a photo essay.