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Wedding Photography e-Bootcamp

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About this course

This course is aimed to help you start or take your wedding photography business to the next level. The course will cover classes not just on photography tips and tricks but also marketing, client handling and other business related activities you need to learn for a successful wedding photography business. 

Arjun is a National Award winning wedding photographer who is going to help you get maximum out of your wedding photography business and also have a fun learning experience.

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$5/Month for first 3 months (Originally $15/month) with an Annual Commitment Pixellu SmartAlbums 2 Software + Cloud Proofing

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+91 8527 577 500

+91 8527 577 500

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What you'll learn

Watch A Sample Video


Lesson Title Description Action
1 Introduction

Welcome to the first online Wedding Photography Course presented by Arjun Kartha and In this video, Arjun talks about what inspired him to create this course, and what you can expect over the span of all the videos.

2 Welcome

This video covers attendees welcome, their introduction and a brief idea of what all is going to be covered as part of the workshop


Lesson Title Description Action
1 Client Meeting

A meeting with the client can make or break your wedding photography assignment. As an artist, it's paramount that you make them understand that why should they choose you! Watch this tutorial to find out what happens in a client meeting and how can you use basic techniques to convert it into a win!

2 Marketing

Marketing and creating your personal brand is one of the most important factors in your success as a wedding photographer. In this video, Arjun talks about some tried and tested tips and tips to market yourself better and reach more and more potential clients.


Lesson Title Description Action
1 Album Design

In wedding photography, an album is always your final product. So if album doesn't look good, your final impression doesn't look good either. In this video, Praerna shares some key factors in building the story to not only make your album look great but also to design an album in one fourth of the time than usual.

2 Couple Shoot Basics and Post Production

Digital photography and post production go hand in hand and one can’t make awesome photographs without being a master of both. Arjun shares his secrets of editing hundreds of images quickly with precision and fine tuning. Also he shares the details of streamlining the whole shooting and editing process to minimise the chances of errors and increasing the efficiency multifold.


Lesson Title Description Action
1 Couple Shoot

The couple shoot is the best part of any wedding photography assignment. Watch a live session of a couple shoot with real couple. Everything from choice of location, time to the dress is covered in this session. Also, the secrets of making the couple feel easy in front of the camera are shared.

2 Bride and Groom Getting Ready

Admit it, we all have been there when a baraat has already arrived and all you’ve got is 5 minutes to finish a bridal portraiture session. Watch Arjun instructing how he handles this situation and makes most of his time. This was a live shoot so you’ll see all the knowledge in action.

3 Bride and Groom Portraiture

Watch and learn how to efficiently finish a bride and groom couple shoot amidst the rush of wedding, while keeping a smile on couple’s face. We all know how hectic those moments are!

4 Bride and Groom Pre-Phera Portraiture

This is one of the most crucial moments during a wedding because you don’t have any control over the scene. All you can do is to put your knowledge and intuitions to use and make the most of the moments which happen in the Mandap.

5 Pheras

Undoubtedly the most important moment of the wedding and definitely not an easy one to shoot. Watch Arjun tell you how to get that perfect phera and sindoor shot, something your clients would thank you for.

Tutorials from Pixellu For Album Designing

Lesson Title Description Action
1 SmartAlbums2

Pixellu® SmartAlbums® puts thousands of professionally-designed templates at your fingertips, while giving you full creative freedom. Select your images, drag and drop, and immediately see a design. It’s that simple. With beautiful layouts to choose from, easy customization, and time-saving technologies, there is no better way to design your album.

For more video tutorials click here
2 SmartSlides

Pixellu® Slideshows are the best way to present photos if you want to captivate and impress your clients. SmartSlides brings your photos to life in incredibly personal and meaningful ways. The interface is beautiful and easy to use, and the smart features allow you to make a slideshow in a few simple steps.

For more video tutorials click here

About the Instructor

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Arjun Kartha

Arjun Kartha is a national award winning Indian Wedding Photographer who believes in creating beautiful off-beat and fun wedding memories which will last for generations to come. Along with his wife Praerna, they typically work as a husband-wife team, and are pioneers of the fledgling candid wedding photography genre in India. Arjun is proud to be the Wedding Photographer of the Year 2011 as well as one of the few Indian members of "Fearless Photographers" and the "Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA)" – two of the most elite associations in the world that recognise excellence in wedding photography.

Course Information

Who should attend this course?

  • Amateurs who want to become professional wedding photographers
  • People who want to learn the trade/business
  • People who want to take their wedding photography business to next level
  • Photographers who want to learn candid wedding photography
  • Photographers who want to understand basics of professional photo editing
  • People who would like to learn pre wedding shoot techniques

  • What are the requirements?

  • Basic photography knowledge
  • A DSLR or other professional camera
  • Interest in wedding photography

  • What all would you learn?

  • A complete understanding of Wedding Industry in India
  • How to convert a client into a sale
  • How to professionally edit photos in minimum duration
  • How to market your wedding photography business

  • What would you get?

  • e-Certificate of Completition from
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    Fri Dec 30 16:49:56 2016

    Arjun..!! Thank you very much indeed.! Great job done, finally i watched these tutorials, I'm not a professional photographer, but definately my passion is! Right now i don't questions, hope i shall come back soon with some questions! Thanks again!

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    Binny Longmei

    Sun Jan 15 18:58:46 2017

    I appreciate

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    apratim sahu

    Mon Jan 16 09:57:40 2017

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    Gaurav Arora

    Tue Jan 31 04:36:51 2017

    Marketing section was the best.

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    Prithu De

    Fri Feb 3 18:01:01 2017

    Good, but needs more explanation

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    Binny Longmei

    Mon Feb 6 06:14:55 2017

    Marketing and client meeting lessons is the best. Thanks sir

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    Prateek Nunkoo

    Sat Feb 18 16:51:34 2017

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    Athar Ali

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    Wed Mar 1 07:32:09 2017

    very nice and knowledgeable things in brief.

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    Nitin Sahni

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    kreativit fotografia

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    Sat Feb 9 10:25:23 2019

    Your videos are nt working what the hell type of website is this

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