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Travel and Landscape Photography

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Travel and Landscape Photography

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Norbert von Niman School of Photography

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About this course

Learn everything about travel and landscape photography from our master photographer Norbert Von Niman.

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+91 8527 577 500

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What you'll learn


Lesson Title Description Action
1 Introduction

Get to know Norbert


Lesson Title Description Action
1 Idea and Location

Idea and Location


Lesson Title Description Action
1 Weather, Seasons and Light

Weather, Seasons and Light


Lesson Title Description Action
1 Equipment and Gear

Equipment and Gear


Lesson Title Description Action
1 Composition



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1 Post-Processing


Final Thoughts

Lesson Title Description Action
1 Consistency and Style

Consistency and Style

About the Instructor

WPC Apertura

Norbert Von Niman

Travel and Landscape Photographer


You can call me Norris.

A Swedish award-winning photographer and professional adventurer roaming the world since 2011, having previously been based in the Canadian Rockies and Iceland, currently back in Sweden. My work is built on the excitement of the outdoors, the peace in nature, the harsh north, and the lifestyle of the adventurer.

In search of wild, remote destinations and offbeat landscapes, I try to place my subjects in unreal and vast environments that really spark emotions in the viewer, to take the photos that are worth waiting for.

Hand in hand with photography, I have been guiding outdoor tours since 2011, using the backyard of the world as my playground. And so I hope to see you there too.

Course Information

Who should attend this course?

  • Everyone who wants to know how to click and edit amazing landscape photos?
  • Everyone with passion for photography

  • What are the requirements?

  • Basic understanding of photography
  • Basic understanding of Lightroom

  • What all would you learn?

  • A deep knowledge of how a world class landscape photographer works
  • Learn how to edit your photos to get an amazing look
  • Learn how to plan and deliver amazing photos

  • What would you get?

  • e-Certificate of Completion from