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How To Find Your Language In Photography

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How To Find Your Language In Photography

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Enroll in this free course and learn from our Master photographer Tarun Khiwal on how to think, plan and shoot in a unique way.

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1 How To Find Your Language In Photography

How To Find Your Language In Photography

About the Instructor

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Tarun Khiwal

Fashion Photographer


Tarun Khiwal is among India's leading fashion photographers. Recognised and featured internationally, his experimental style and finesse have transformed fashion photography in India, giving it a global edge while also ushering in a new era of exploration.

His journey with the art form began 30 years ago, and without any formal training Tarun's undying passion and commitment have led him to become one of the world's leading photographers.

His visual style is unmatched because it stems from his Indian roots, and yet transcends them to speak a contemporary language. Instead of following Western trends and masters, he has crafted his own rare style by drawing inspiration from his personal treasure of memories and experiences.

In 2005, Tarun was honoured with the Hasselblad Masters Award and in 2012 he was chosen to photograph for the leading Swiss professional photography light manufacturer, Broncolor’s Annual Calendar, which for the first time saw the calendar deviate from its standard imagery and print blurry fashion images. He has also been featured in Tom Ang’s book ‘The Complete Photographer’ as one of the world's Top 20 Professional Photographers and In 2015, he was part of “The Reflected Eye” a narrative photo exhibition by Totem Creative’s held at New York alongside international pioneers from the Photography fraternity - Rankin, Ralph Gibson, Douglas Kirkland, Alexi Lubomirski, Platon and many more. He is also listed among the top 10 fashion photographers in the world by Model management in the same year. His work has been extensively published in national and international magazines, including Time, Vogue, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Tank, Elle, Marie Claire, L’Officiel, Condé Nast Traveller. He has also created images of numerous personalities including international artists, sports personalities, corporate and political leaders.

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  • Every single person related to photography

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  • Passion for photography

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  • A way to find your style in photography

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