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Fine Art Portrait Photography 101

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Fine Art Portrait Photography 101

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Dreamland Studio

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About this course

Learn how to start and think like one of the best Fine Art Portrait Photographer and simple tricks to improve your skills.


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+91 8527 577 500

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What you'll learn


Lesson Title Description Action
1 Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Fine Art photography and learn how to think and plan a shoot.


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1 Post-Processing

Learn how to edit portraits in Photoshop and use the tool to create mesmerising images for professional use and for social media.


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1 Q&A 1
  1. If we are starting only and do not have a portfolio how to contact  models?
  2. As a guy it is difficult for me to contact female models, do you have any suggestions how we can do that ?
  3. What is fine art for you ?
  4. Where do you take inspiration from ? As I have seen that you use different material in your image ?
  5. How do you plan your composition?
  6. Do you draw or sketch before you're shoot ?
  7. Do you research about any idea online before executing it 
  8. Can you show some of your recent images and the idea behind them ?
  9. You choose your location before hand or after selecting the model and concept?
  10. How do you explain your concept to the model ? Because many ideas come while we are shooting 
  11. Want to know your thought process ?
  12. What is your next project ?
  13. Do you mind show us what do you write in the notebook ?
  14. When did you start ? Were there times when you felt that you are not good enough?
  15. Do you work for some clients or you shoot for social media mostly 
  16. Do you pay these models for the shoot
  17. How long did it take for you to learn photoshop at this level 
  18. Can you do a proper breakdown of your edits
  19. Can you talk about your equipments
  20. Do you use any external lights or strobes?
2 Q&A 2
  1. When do you know your editing is done ? I think you can keep doing it
  2. How natural do you like to keep your photographs?
  3. Do you print your pictures?
  4. Did you have an idea how this photo will look at the end and then you start editing / or you do these edits with all of your photos?
  5. Would it not be easy if you just use different layers for editing /
  6. If you edit the same photo twice after a few days gap would you get same results ?
  7. How much time do you usually put on editing one photo ?
  8. Do you use mood boards with the models and makeup artist to convey your ideas ?
  9. Which tools should be used to make a picture look more clear and fine tuned in terms of quality while editing
  10. Have you tried shooting in the night ?
  11. What things should we do in photoshop so that our photos on Instagram look sharp because Instagram degrades the image sharpness 
  12. Do you use any other software other than Lightroom 
  13. Is there any particular photo which is very close to you ? If yes, then why /
  14. How do you come up with such idea?whats your inspiration behind such beautiful pictures 
  15. Do you plan the pose of your models already or you just let them pose for you
  16. Can you tell us how to be more consistent with our work when we are too much of a perfectionist and take a lot of time publishing our work out to the world ?
  17. What are the difficulties you started getting into this field ? How did you overcome them?

About the Instructor

WPC Apertura

Jovana Rikalo

Fine Art Portrait Photographer


Jovana Rikalo is a fine art photographer, currently based in Novi Sad, Serbia.
To capture an emotion and story filled with magic and dreams is her gift.
She creates surreal stories and presents life the way it looks to her, with plenty of emotions.
Surreal, but real.
Photo manipulation helped her to convey her vision and dreams into finish piece of art.
She is focused on emotions, a series of photograph where she is telling how to love and be yourself, how to deal with fears and anxiety.
Her goal is for people to stop and look at a photo, feel the emotion and be touched by the story.
Her inspirations are dreams, life and nature. Her work is being published in plenty book covers and magazines worldwide.

Course Information

Who should attend this course?

  • Everyone who is interested in learning basics of portrait photography
  • Everyone who wants to get a glimpse of how one of the best fine art photographers work.

  • What are the requirements?

  • Passion for Photography
  • Interest in Portrait Photography

  • What all would you learn?

  • A fundamental understanding of how a portrait photographer thinks
  • How to prepare for a shoot and visualise your shoot?
  • How to edit your face portraits?

  • What would you get?

  • e-Certificate of Completion from