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Photo By Shiivaani

Photo By Shiivaani

Photo Commune presents a photography competition on

Mobile Portraits

Submit the most amazing portraits taken using a mobile phone


10 May 2017

Submissions Close

30 Jun 2017

Judging Starts

01 Jul 2017


10 Jul 2017

Competition Judges

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Idris Ahmed

Armed with a camera and an eye for the interesting, Idris Ahmed shoots photographs across genres. Along with his work as a professional photographer, he teaches photography courses and workshops at various institutes, conducts photo-expeditions and runs Photocommune, a collective of photography enthusiasts.

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Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma is a photographer based in Delhi, working mainly in the field of lifestyle, fashion, portraiture and travel. His work regularly gets featured in the country's leading fashion and lifestyle magazines as well as multinational brands."

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Submit your best photograph

Submit according to the competition theme before the submission deadline by selecting a photograph from your portfolio or uploading a new photograph


Judging Starts

Let our expert judges carefully analyze each entry and select the winning photos


  • This is a free competition and is open to photographers of all levels
  • Refrain from over processing in photoshop or any other software. Judges want to see the original moment and charm captured in the original light
  • Pictures must be their own and winners must be willing to send them for verification
  • Exif/Metadata must be preserved in the uploaded photos
  • On entering the competition, you will be automatically added as a member to Photo Commune page on WPC
  • All photographs and material submitted to this competiton must be your own and should not be copied from anywhere else
  • The theme of this competition is "Mobile Portraits", any photograph not following this theme will not be considered as a valid entry
  • This competition is open for all photographers from all parts of the world country
  • The number of entries allowed per user is 3
  • If more than one entry is submitted in the competition, each entry will be treated as a seperate entry and votes to each of these entries will be seperate as well.
  • You cannot change or update any of your submitted images, please be careful
  • All information about participants might be shared with the sponsors upon request.
  • All decisions and results announced by the jury of this completion are final
  • You should not post any photograph that do not comply to WPC's Terms and Conditions
  • We have the right to remove any entry we deem not suitable for the competition or is not following WPC's Terms and Conditions